Beneficiaries Testimonial

SEEFOR has changed my life. Before now I used to go and buy things on credit now I can buy little things and pay for them.

SEEFOR has made me to go to the Bank for the first time in my life, the day I went to collect my ATM card I was dancing. I will use my savings to help my husband and children.

I want to specially thank the organizers of the Project for helping me and to beg them to extend their good hands to other communities so that the people there can see what I am seeing.

Before SEEFOR engaged me, I was not doing anything and I didn’t have any experience about road maintenance, now I have learnt how to mix concrete and cement, take measurement of the roads and know what to do when maintaining roads. It has also given me opportunity to meet other people.

At the end of the project, I will use my savings to set up a small business so that I won’t be idle anymore.

I thank the World Bank and the management of SEEFOR Project for bringing this Project to this community and for carrying the Youths along. I also thank them for taking our minds from negativity, I appreciate them very much.

I am a part-time Minister of the Gospel. As a member of this community I know this road was so bad and we were looking for opportunity to put this road in other. I feel happy for the job, it has made the youth of the community to feel among and have something doing and busy themselves daily, the drains are now clean and the community is in good shape.

I advise the youth not to be idle so that the devil will not use them. For me am investing the money I get from SEEFOR on my children’s education.

I want to thank the State government and the management of SEEFOR for coming to our community and appeal that they should also extend this gesture to other communities not only Ozuboko.

Before SEEFOR employed me, I was not doing anything, I used to loaf around and anything that got lost in my family they will accuse me. With SEEFOR things have changed. In the morning I go out and return in the evening. Before I must beg before I get anything, today am not begging. Before I didn’t have anything with the bank, now I have a savings account with First Bank and I have ATM Card.

At the end of the Project, am not going to sit at home again. I will use the little savings from SEEFOR to start up a business no matter how small.

I thank SEEFOR Project for the opportunity and I wish they will extent the job to others and also extend the life span of the Project so I can benefit more.

Since I finished my WAEC, I’ve been doing nothing only to sit at home before SEEFOR gave me this job. The job has really empowered me. Before now I didn’t know how to work with machete and shovel now I can work well with them. I have also learnt how to control traffic during road maintenance.

At the end of this project I intend to use my money to continue my education.

My experience with SEEFOR has made me to discover some skills in me and I know that it is not only me because most of us here have discovered some hidden skills in us.

Before now I was managing a small business which was not yielding much, since I stated this job, I now have small savings in my hand than before. After the project I will add the money I have saved to my business to make it bigger.

I will use this opportunity to advice other youths that when they see this type of opportunity, they should come out and embrace it, they should not be ashamed so that they can also benefit from it. I thank the government for bringing the project here, it will go a long way to reduce crime in this

Nora Ichikwa (Ahoada)

I am very happy working with SEEFOR. Before now I wasn’t doing anything, I thank the State government and World Bank for bringing the project to our community because it has helped in poverty eradication.

Through this project I will raise some money to start a small restaurant.

This Ozuboko Rd was very bad before this people came to work here, business was not even moving because people avoided the road so we did not have much customers. Now you can see the place is better, the workers are really trying.

I want to thank SEEFOR Project and the State government for coming to our aids because with the maintenance of the road we have started having customers and sales have improved.