Public Financial Management (PFM) Reforms

The Project has carried out lots of reform programmes under this Component: Public Financial Management (PFM) Reforms.

The State’s financial reporting system has witnessed transformation through accounting reform systems introduced by SEEFOR which laid the foundation for the use of IPSAS which is an international base practice in financial reporting and accounting system.

The project has also trained budget officers, civil servants and other public Agencies on the new chart of accounts and how budget preparation can be anchored on IPSAS based platform.

Audit system in the State has not been left out in the reform programme of SEEFOR as a one-day sensitization workshop for stakeholders was organized for the on-going audit reform.

The State House of Assembly did not find difficulty with the 2015 budget because it was done in accordance with international standard.

Under this component SEEFOR Project also trained 21 budget Officers on ICT to ensure that all officers in the sub-component are computer literate for effective delivery of their jobs.

The project procured 50 desktop computers Finance Officers form MDAs for effective delivery on their jobs, etc.

Component: B1

PFM Legislation

Component: B4

External and Internal Audit

Component: B7

Tax Reforms

Component: B2

Budget Reform

Component: B5

SIFMIS: State Integrated Financial Management Information Systems

Component: B3

Accounting, Expenditure Control & Financial Reporting

Component: B6

Procurement Reforms